Creation of a lixiviats treatment station

Lixiviat (garbage juice) gets organic, mineral and metallic pollutants by extracting soluble compounds and risks to cause pollution of the groundwater. On the basis of containers, PROGECO participated in the creation of a… read more

The Marine Volcano, national scene Le Havre

After thirty years of use, the Niemeyer site will be deeply renovated this autumn: transformation of the Small Volcano into a media library, making the Big Volcano conform to the most recent standards, improvement… read more

location vente de containers maritime


Containers solutions

PROGECO offers a large range of new and used containers. We supply our customers products and services adapted to their needs.

transformation et aménagement de conteneurs maritimes


Giving a new function to the container

With our customers’ imagination as only limit, we modify containers to give it a new life and a new use.

le réseau des dépots progeco


A dense network and ideally located

We store containers in our European warehouses and offer our customers ideal localizations.



Spare, secondary parts and handling

Our shops provide all the parts needed by our workshops to repair or optimize any kind of container.