Photo de l'entrée de l'ancienne gare maritime du Havre - Le Volcan Maritime
Photo du Volcan Maritime du Havre
Photo du chemin d'accès sécurisé du Volcan Maritime - le Havre

The Marine Volcano, national scene Le Havre

After thirty years of use, the Niemeyer site will be deeply renovated this autumn: transformation of the Small Volcano into a media library, making the Big Volcano conform to the most recent standards, improvement of the accoustique, reorganization of the forum access and the public welcoming spaces… this vast construction site will last at least two years.

Meanwhile,  the Volcano team surrounds the port of Le Havre and its mythical place: the former harbor station, where the big deckchairs use to accost. In this project, Progeco supplies the containers which will bound the secured spaces for public access.